November 2018, publication of “I’d Go To Jail For a Whale” artwork by the ART@CREATIONS/The Science Fair ensembles.


November 2018, publication of “Liebe Radioaktive Damen und Herren” artwork by the ART@CREATIONS ensemble.


January 2018: release of new CD “Mirages” on LAWO Classics

Songs by Gabriel Fauré. Bettina Smith -mezzosoprano, Jan Willem Nelleke – Piano


August 2018: Publication of “The Big Bang” artwork by the ART@CREATIONS ensemble.


July 2018: Concert in Baden bei Wien Austria, in light of the 40th anniversary of the Franz Schubert Institut Baden bei Wien. 


April 2018: Interview with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation Radio (NRK P2, Spillerom) “Gavepakke til den Norske Opera”.


February 1st, 2017: Bettina as radio guest commentator on the Norwegian Broadcasting Service “Spillerom” program on Monteverdi opera

listen here

August 2017: Research project “Elisabeth Claude Jacquet de la Guerre, The Miracle Performer”

Presentation and performance of research project “Elisabeth Claude Jacquet de la Guerre, The Miracle Performer” at the International Congress of Voice Teachers (ICVT) in Stockholm, Sweden. 


December 2016:  Release of new CD “Fêtes Galantes” on LAWO Classics

Songs by Gabriel Fauré and Claude Debussy. Bettina Smith – mezzosoprano and Einar Røttingen – piano.

November 20th, 2016: Concert at Siljustøl Bergen Museum with Valen Trio

Music by Hvoslef and Fauré.

November 1st, 2016: French and Italian Baroque concert with Bjergsted Barokk at Lille konsertsal, Institute for Music and Dance, Univ. of Stavanger

October 2016: “Elisabeth Claude Jaquet de la Guerre, The Miracle Performer”

Presentation and performance of research project “Elisabeth Claude Jaquet de la Guerre, The Miracle Performer” at the Artistic Research Forum, University of Stavanger. 

Autumn, 2016: Recording the work “La Bonne Chanson”

With Jan Willem Nelleke. – piano.

August 25th 2016: Lecture on the topic of M. Ravel’s “Shéhérazade” at the opening of the season of Stavanger Symphony Orchestra.

August, 2016: CD release “Fêtes galantes”, songs by G. Fauré and C. Debussy

With Einar Røttingen – piano. Label: LAWO Classics

June, 2016: During this month, Bettina will record the composition “Trio” by Norwegian composer Ketil Hvoslef (for Soprano, alto and piano)

With Hilde Haraldsen Sveen-soprano and Einar Røttingen – piano. Label: LAWO Classics

April 17th, 2016: Concert at “Siljustøl Museum” in Bergen, Norway

Time: 14.00 HRS. Works by Norwegian composer Ketil Hvoslef. With Einar Røttingen-piano.

March 2016: Guest commentator on NRK P2 Spillerom

Bettina talks about her experiences singing Mozart`s mass in c-minor.

February 10th, 2016: Recital at The Institute of Music and Dance at University of Stavanger (Hall: “Lille Konsert Sal”)

Works by Purcell, Monteverdi and Lambert. With Lise K. Meling-harpsichord. Time: 19.00.

New CD release on LAWO Classics “Voices of Women”

The CD “Voices of Women” is now available on LAWO Classics:

Performance of “Rosetta’s Stone”

First cross-country tryout of the opera “Rosetta’s Stone” by the Danish opera house “Operaen i Midten“.
On January 16th, 2015, mezzosoprano Bettina Smith and pianist Olivera Marinkovic performed the aria “Hippocampus Monologue” from the neuroscience opera “Rosetta’s Stone”. Bettina was singing in the Spinae Company studio Stord, Norway, while Oliveira was at the Operaen i Midten location in Denmark.
The recording of this performance took Place With the help of JamLink Technology.
The Operaen i Midten press release about the event can be read here:

“Earth: a Living Planet” DGArtes Cycle

April 26th, 2015
Performance of French and German chamber music at the Fundação Cupertino Miranda in Porto, Portugal, with pianist Erling Eriksen.
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Radio interview on the Norwegian National Broadcasting (NRK)’s “Spillerom” program

On March 8th, 2015, mezzosoprano Bettina Smith was interviewed on the Norwegian National Broadcasting (NRK)’s “Spillerom” program about her new CD
More information here:
Performance of “Gloria” by Vivaldi
December 13th, 2014
Performance of “Gloria” by Vivaldi with EnB1 on Dec. 13th 2014
Workshop at the Scottish Opera in Glasgow
October 18th, 2014
“Write a Science Opera (WASO)” workshop at the European Network of Opera and Dance Education (RESEO) conference.

Performance of excerpts

April 11, 2014
Performance of excerpts from Neuroscience opera “Rosetta’s Stone”
GeNeDis 2014 at Corfu, Greece


December, 2013 (specific date to be disclosed) Guest soloist with EnB1 orchestra’s “Messias” by G. F. Haendel in Haugesund, Norway.

Concert at the Grieg Academy

November 27th, 2013 at 19.30 hrs
Concert at the Grieg Academy in Bergen, songs by Clara Schumann and Lili Boulanger.

Performance of opera arias

November 12th, 2013
Performance of opera arias at the University of Haifa’s Hecht Hall.

Concert in Dorn, Holland

November 3rd, 2013
Concert in Dorn, Holland with pianist Jan Willem Nelleke.
Concert arranger: Vrienden van het Lied. Time: 15:00
Program: Schubert, Grieg, Faure

“Profiles of Women”

New CD “Profiles of Women”, with music by Norwegian composers Fartein Valen, Ketil Hvoslef and Jostein Stalheim, to be released in the Autumn of 2013.

“Quantum Mechanic”

In July 2013, Bettina performed the main role “Mrs. Schroedinger” in the opera “Quantum Mechanic” by American composer John Bilotta and librettist John McGrew at the Fresh Voices Festival in San Francisco, USA.