Research about Elisabeth Claude Jaquet

Research project about the French composer Elisabeth Claude Jaquet de la Guerre together with Associate Professor Lise K. Meling University of Stavanger.

Goethe: Science and Art in German Lied

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) considered his 40-year research of light, and his color theory, to be his most important achievements following «Faust». Goethe’s life and work, representing the meeting points of excellent art and science in the work of one man, continue to inspire creative thinking today.


The project “Goethe: Science and Art in German Lied”, scheduled to begin in 2017, will realize a series of lied recitals during which scientists and science educators will participate and present their perspectives on Goethe’s interpretations of scientific themes such as light and nature, as well on the meeting points of science and art in Goethe’s own life.

Write a Science Opera (WASO)
Bettina was the project leader of Write a Science Opera (WASO) in Stavanger in 2013. This is a collaboration between Stavanger Katedralskole and the University of Stavanger. In this project, where art meets science, the students at the Katedralskole will compose and perform their own opera under professional guidance.

Collaboration #1

Collaboration with the Dutch pianist/composer Jan Willem Nelleke.

Collaboration #2

Collaboration with the Norwegian pianist Einar Røttingen. Over the coming two years, this duo will perform the complete songs by Gabriel Fauré in concert. They are also preparing to record the grand cycle “Das Marienleben” by Paul Hindemith.